Women for Energy Efficiency Network

The Women for Energy Efficiency network (WE2) is an initiative created to enhance the experience of all students in the Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) program in order to increase and maintain gender diversity in the larger energy and engineering industry, for which the IAC program acts as workforce development.

Our programming is designed to help create a comfortable and equitable work environment for the students, increase awareness of the diverse needs of current IAC students and the future workforce, facilitate the exchange of ideas with other bright minds of the Energy Industry, and increase opportunities for career development through skill building, networking and leadership.

WE2 is available to all regardless of sex or gender.

WE2 can

Programming and Resources

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Check out the recording from our 2020 Annual Meeting, 2021 Annual Meeting, and 2022 Annual Meeting!
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   IAC WE2 Mentorship Program

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Established in Fall 2019, the IAC WE2 Mentorship Program pairs exceptional Industrial Assessment Center students with mentors from a range of professional positions within the energy and engineering industries. The program's goals include professional skill development, workforce development, and an increase in diversity and retention in both the IAC program and the energy engineering industry.

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The WE2 Mentoring Program is open to all IAC students and interested mentors regardless of sex or gender.

WE2 Network Book Club

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Launched August 2020, the WE2 Network Book Club invites network members, students and alumni to joins us in a regularly scheduled book club with a virtual video call discussion every few months. Genres include memoir, self-help, business, historical fiction, and science fiction.

All Allies Welcome, Regardless of Sex or Gender.

Call to Action For Center Leadership

WE2tipsheet icon Tailor
Tailor Your Approach

One single approach may not work for all genders. Strive to become aware of unconscious bias.

WE2tipsheet icon SE
Stress Social Enterprise

Emphasize the Social Enterprise nature of the IAC program. Understand the different draws for students.

WE2tipsheet icon Research
Embrace Exploration

Empower them to embrace research in advanced topics – foster growth mentality to innovation.

WE2tipsheet icon Career
Guide Career Growth

Provide mentorship, coaching and support. Instruct on how to stay technical, get hands-on experience and remain in the energy field.

WE2tipsheet icon Leadership
Elevate to Leadership

Encourage students in center to take leadership opportunities at the center – i.e. lead student, PhD candidate, IAC faculty.

WE2tipsheet icon Participation
Encourage Active Participation

Encourage students to speak up and be active participants. Incorporate them in teaching, training, and mentoring.

WE2tipsheet icon Validate

Validate views and encourage students to continue stepping up. Enhance experiences by providing achievement goals and awards.

WE2tipsheet icon Networking
Encourage Networking

Encourage networking with peers, colleague and management – traditional and non-traditional connectivity.

WE2tipsheet icon Diversity
Promote Diverse Perspectives

Help entire team understand that gender diverse perspectives are vital to a comprehensive and cohesive solution.

WE2tipsheet icon Team
Build Team Camaraderie

Build camaraderie through social bonding within the team durring assessments and at the center.

WE2tipsheet icon Feedback
Invite Feedback

Encourage continual feedback and on the exit interview so we can focus on current experience and ways to improve.

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