CAES Undergraduate Student Research – Spring 2020

This semester, four undergraduate Rutgers engineering students participated in independent research projects in collaboration with the Rutgers Center for Advanced Energy Systems. All four students are juniors studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Elizabeth Bui studied the capability of the ABB Ability Smart Sensor for Motors and how it could be integrated into the industrial “internet of things”. Matthew Lange and Alex Stone looked at 15-minute utility data to identify industrial facilities that would be good candidates for battery energy storage systems. Saifeldeen Khalil used EnergyPlus energy modeling software to assess the impact of building electrification on New Jersey building stock.

The four students presented their final research projects to the CAES team on May 18, 2020 via Webex. We’d like to congratulate our undergraduate researchers on a job well done and wish them luck on their future endeavors!

See their presentations here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/145xb4Pxc20vW8OetWbrnFUxx-bnqU_Td?usp=sharing

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